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Monday, March 30, 2009

Saint George State Meet!! 3/28/2009

My sister Lisa, her two kids (Nate and Mitchel) plus Gab's best friend, Tia all made the beautiful trek down to St. George this weekend for Gabee's last meet of this year (toyota jump in the air with a silent scream of joy).... IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!! They kids played in the pool for 9 hours straight!! The weekend was incredible. PERFECT. Too bad, so sad we hit a WALL of darkness and storms 60 miles out of st. george heading back to salt lake. I WANT TO GO BACK TO THE SUN!!!!

Anyway, Gabs did great and a fun time was had by all... ENJOY!!

This picture is blurry, but, it is a split leap during Gabee's floor routine. My camara isn't the greatest, plus, you can't use your flash..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This is Izee singing a song from Seusical The Musical. She has heard the music so much, she knows all the songs. This is her favorite one!! It is called "one feathered tail of Gertrude McFuzz"....

I love this girl!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today we went to the Dinosaur Museum. It was our very first field trip in our JOY SCHOOL. Totally awesome experience, I must say. This is Lydia (Erin is her mommy) and, of course, Izee is on the right... That green stuff in her mouth is her gum..

A couple friends of mine (erin and aimee) have gotten our two year olds together and teach them some learnin' (smile) for one hour per week. It has turned out to be a great experience. Today was "D"... Izee is actually learning a lot!! We teach them colors, shapes, numbers, letters, the days of the week, weather, and much much more... Thanks girls!! Can't wait til "E" on Wednesday!!

Brock on the left, Lydia in the middle and Iz on the right. examining things.

I didn't realize it, but, there is an actual lab with paleontologists working!! it was pretty awesome to see them assembling dinosaur bones in front of us!!
Diva's anyone?

Suited up and playin in the water!

It's always fun, til you roll backwards and hit your head on a dinosaur bone!! (like Izee did)

This is after hitting her head. Much screaming did commence upon the whacking of her noggin!! Poor Izee...

She actually looks like she is working that mouse!!! (yea, I'll let you think that at two, my daughter has mastered the computer... that's right. she is THAT smart!!)

Not really sure why, but, this little girl on the right walked over and shoved Lydia seconds after this pic was taken. No idea why!! what a bully!!

Lydia would not let got of the wall for a while!!! AND I really need to teach Izee NOT to get into Lydia's personal space!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Izee explaining how to beat up BOB!!!

Ever heard of RAD KIDS??

Izee and I have been at Legacy Prep for the past three weeks straight, 1 1/2 hours every day, helping out with the RAD KIDS program... Have you heard about it?? It is TOTALLY AWESOME...

Children are taught how to react in stressful, life threatening events... "I" have learned so much, myself!!

The problem is, Izee has been watching 24 children beat the crap out of each other and laughing while doing it. She particularly enjoyed watching the kids beat up BOB, the life sized dummy...

I hope this video doesn't scare any of you away. I know she is the town bully already, but, I am telling you, she really IS a darling little girl!!! REALLY!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gabs Team Pictures!!

Isn't She BEAUTIFUL!!!
Gabs and Tia. Best Friends. Same Age.. Compete against each other in their age group, yet, remain tight as ever... We love miss T in our house!!

This is "part" of the team. I could only scan a few people... Gabs is third from the LEFT and Tia is fourth from left... Love my gymnasts!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gabee and her first level SEVEN meet (that is a big deal!!) St. George 2009. pictures under the videos!! GO BUGS GO!! I'm her biggest fan!!

Gabee's "FIRST" level "7" meet.

What a fabulous trip we had. I was on the tail end of pneumonia and almost didn't go, but, I AM SO HAPPY I DID!!! Gabs did AMAZING!!! She has really turned into a little gymnast in the past year. I couldn't be more proud of her.

This is the beginning of our trip. We drove with Tia and Cyndee.

Gabs and Tia (her best friend. They compete against each other but as still best friends!)

Gabs jumping over the tape

Gabee doing the worm.

Gabs and one of her coaches, Sara.

2nd place on floor 9.05

Had to get another pic of her on the second place podium.

Fun Fiesta is just like Boondocks. I never get Gabs alone anymore, so, Cyndee and I took the girls away from the team party and played at this place. It was a blast!

Tia and Gabs

Hole in one!! Gabs is kissing the ground!! (she is so weird)

Again in the cars. They really are so fun!

A little air hockey

Gabs upside down in the toddler area. She decided to throw a backflip...

coming home

VERY bored on the way home (nearing Murray by this point, so, they were both really tired of being in the car!!)